We invite you to purchase a Membership, Group Express Class Pass, Specialty Fitness Card or A Childcare Express Pass for you , your Family or Friends.
If You don’t see what you are looking for email us at fitnesscenter@vniles.com or call the Membership Service Desk @ 847-588-8400 and we can customize a Membership Package For you

To Purchase a Membership/Pass Card please follow the steps below

    Step 1
    Create or Log In to your existing Household Account, using your primary email address. Add participants to your Household Account that you would like to enroll in a Membership/Pass Cards. Don't forget to include yourself the Account Holder
    Please Note: Membership Pricing is determined by Residency Punch Card Pricing is determined by Member/Non-Member Rate
    Step 2
    Select the Memberships/Punch Cards you wish to purchase in and the participant(s) enrolling in that Membership/Pass Card. All selected items will be placed in our shopping cart.
    Step 3
    Checkout of your Shopping Cart to complete your registration. You will receive a confirmation email regarding your registration once complete. If you have further questions please email us at fitnesscenter@vniles.com or call 847-588-8400